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Twin Flame Inner Child/Channeled message

The key to understanding the purpose of your twin flame journey is to get in touch with your inner child. Your twin is the mirror to your soul....the mirror to the pure authentic version of who you are and the pure potential that you possess.  You both instinctively know and understand each other at a soul/authentic level, which is why the connection feels so good....because it is home. But instantly recognizing the authenticity also means that you both are extra aware of the walls that have been built up around the truth. The initial connection or awareness of your twin, awakens the inner child in each person. That version of each that we all come to this world with....that purity, that trust, that belief that anything is possible and that ease in just being who we are. And that is why it feels sooo good.....because it is that reminder of everything pure and exciting in this world. But that feeling doesn't last because as we have grown, we have forgotten how to be in that energy,  we don't trust that energy anymore and through trauma and life experiences,  we have learned to protect and hide our inner child. The beauty of a twin flame relationship is that once the recognition is can't let it go and that burning desire will sit and fester until you acknowledge it...not just for your twin though and it's not really your twin that is screaming to be's your inner child.  Your not meant to be fighting for the relationship or fighting to heal your twin or waiting for them or anything like that....You are meant to be fighting for your inner child. Rediscovering that innocence in you, remembering what your dreams are and rebuilding your life and yourself on that version of who you are .....and not the version that trauma, toxic people and life has caused you to create. Your ability to heal and help elevate others lies within your ability to heal yourself and confidently stand in that energy to show others its safe to stand in theirs. Much love ❤️ #twinflameinnerchild #trinityreadings #healyourinnerchild

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