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Welcome to the first week of February! You will be happy to know that this month will be completely Retrograde free for the first time since April of last year! That means that things will finally start to feel as if there is movement and progression and a great month for getting things done! You are going to start feeling more energetic and notice that you are able to resolve conflict and issues in a more effective way.

We are also in the second week of eccentric Aquarius season which helps us to easily shift our perspective towards more optimism (Aquarius is the Star card Afterall ;) ) Aquarius energy encourages us to think outside the box and to be willing to do things your own way...even if your way is a little different than others. All and will definitely feel nice to finally have a break in the monotony.

Now...let's talk about the full moon on the 5th. This full moon is in the exciting, bold sign of Leo which promises to add some drama and flair to the week. Leo energy is all about confident self expression and encourages us to fearlessly follow and express our hearts.

Full moons are times where everything is illuminated (meaning you will be shown what you need to know and see) and also times of releasing what is no longer serving you (the light off the full moon illuminates everything on your path so you can clearly see the path forward as well as the obstacles that you need to remove). The tension that is felt during full moons are showing you the areas of life that need attention and readjustments and a message that something needs to be released. With this full moon in Leo, you will be shown what your heart wants and what is blocking you from being able to fearlessly express and pursue that.

Leo rules our hearts and solar plexus chakras (heart/soul and ego/power) try to take steps this week to focus on keeping these chakras balanced (breathing exercises, meditations, and carrying green and yellow crystals). Slow down this week and examine how often you are sitting in or acting more from your ego than your soul (as Leo energy can tend to highlight any issues within our own ego) and work to embrace looking at things from the perspective of your soul.

The best way to use this energy to your advantage is to look at the high vibe and low vibe or Leo energy. The full moon will highlight both and asks you to remove any of the energies you are holding that are in the lower vibration of Leo and look at how you can step into the higher vibes. High vibe Leo is confident (without arrogance), expressive, generous, honesty, leadership, fun-loving, daring and bold. High Vibe Leo energy, to me, is a good mix of Knight of cups and King of wands.....fearlessly following your heart, willing to pursue your dreams without fear of failing and not waiting around for things to come to you. Low vibe Leo energy happens when our egos get involved...when we feel lack of confidence, when we act out of pride or fear, when we seek validation and attention instead of value, when we worry too much about what others think and when we let ourselves get sucked into the drama.

This full moon is being affected by the rebellious planet Uranus. Uranus pushes for big changes and has a tendency to create chaos in the process. This energy is making things feel impossible to hide from this week...especially in matters of the heart and the things that we fear. If things start to get really intense for you this week, or you notice things suddenly shifting in the opposite direction of what you that this is helping you get on the path that your heart wants to be on. This full moon does not want anything to be hidden in the dark. Leo is ruled by the Sun....meaning this full moon is going to bring everything to light...good or bad. The Sun promises success and warmth, so let what doesn't feel good go and embrace the promise of a new day.

Full moon readings will be available this week for $35. Message to book yours today! Much love.

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