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Week in Astrology August 24-31

Week in Astrology Aug 24-31

Welcome to Virgo Season! This week the sun enters Virgo, the sign of practicality, details, health and wellness. We are more focused on practical concerns during this time and have a stronger desire to get organized. This is a great energy to begin a new goal or project or health routine. You will have much more focus and feel more comfortable in taking time to put in the work needed. It's a great time to de-clutter, make solid plans, and set goals for yourself. Those interested in starting up a new healthy routine, exercise plan or diet change, this is the best month to do it as you will feel more dedication and more joy in having a goal to focus on.

We also have Mercury in Virgo during this time. Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts and information. Mercury is very comfortable in Virgo and it makes for a very productive time especially in learning new things and in having effective communication. We are focused on the details and more interested in learning as much as we can. We are able to read between the lines and communicate on a level that will get things accomplished. This is a great time for taking classes or learning something new as we are able to understand the information we take in on a more effective level. In communication we are able to filter through what's important and not important. The downside to this is that we can become too detail oriented or become too overly critical at this time. This can also lead to overthinking a situation or paying too much attention to the smallest details. Communication during this time is more on the practical and unemotional side, so be mindful of the possibility of coming across too critical in communicating with others.

Venus remains in the loving, protective sign of Cancer this week. This could bring a great deal of up and down emotions this week. You might be feeling more sensitive especially when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart and home. We want to show more affection and nurturing and will feel the need to feel more comfort in our relationships. We are seeking deeper and more meaningful connections to others but we will also be experiencing more fears when it comes to connecting with others. This week we might experience feelings of craving more love and affection but at the same time fearing rejection from those we care for. Towards the end of the week you might find that buried feelings and emotions come to the surface, especially those that revolve around past feelings of abuse or mistreatment from those we cared deeply for. You are being pushed during this time take more risks and let go of fears that no longer serve you. When these negative feelings come to the surface, understand this is showing you what needs to be released and healed. With the sun and Mercury in Virgo during this time you will find it easier to work through these past issues as you are able to see it in a more practical light.

We now have another planet in retrograde (yayy! lol). Uranus went into retrograde in Taurus on the 15th and will remain here until January of next year. Uranus is the planet of awakening and chaos. During this period we will experience a great deal of unexpected change and innovative energy. We might get hit with unexpected events especially surrounding our finances and feelings of comfort and enjoyment. This is a period to turn inward and reevaluate where we are in our lives. What is working and what is not working? If you are feeling unfulfilled in your job or relationships or within your physical surroundings these things will be brought into question during this time and might experience a lot of upheaval. This is a time to get focused about what brings you joy and face your fears to bring necessary changes in your life. With the sun and mercury in practical Virgo, you will find it much easier to bring changes and put in the necessary work to accomplish what needs to be done. This period challenges you to examine your own self worth and what true abundance means for you.

We still have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron in retrograde. Retrogrades are times of turning inward and reevaluation of our lives. Pay attention to where you feel restricted and blocked during this time. This is showing you where changes need to be made, whether that be physical changes or simply changes in perspective this is a time to do what is needed to make our lives better. Take advantage of this Virgo energy and begin making new plans for a more abundant future for yourself.

Enjoy the week all! Sending you much love!


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