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Week in Astrology August 8-14, 2020

Well, after seemingly months of bad astrology news, we can all actually look forward to a pretty exciting and more positive energy this week! We are currently in Leo season which brings in a more playful and lighthearted feeling. Leo encourages individuality and a desire to stand out and be seen. This gives us more confidence in pursuing things that are important to us and things we feel passionately about. This has a tendency to make us more self centered, so keep that in mind in dealing with your relationships with other people. We are also feeling this amazing Lion's Gate energy which is bringing in huge desire and motivation to follow our heart. This is powerful manifesting energy so this is a great time to start working towards things that fuel excitement in you. This brings in great abundance and unexpected opportunities so keep your thoughts positive and open for synchronisitic events and lucky breaks.

We also have Mercury entering the sign of Leo this week. This promises to bring in passionate, bold and exciting communication. We feel more of a desire to express how we feel without fear and share our views with confidence to others. This is a time for following and speaking from the heart and with passion. Leo is the sign of courage and bravery and we will begin to find it easier to trust in ourselves and our needs. Leo does have the tendency to add a little drama. It's important to pay attention to your emotions during this time and how you are expressing yourself to others...Listening is just as important as speaking. Others around you are wanting to express themselves and their needs too and its important to embrace that.

Also this week we have Venus transitioning into the sign of Cancer. We will be going from the social Gemini energy to the more home bodied and emotionally driven Cancer energy. You will be seeking more emotional security and comfort especially within your love life. Our desires will shift towards building more nurturing connections and a deep emotional love. We want to feel safe and secure so this can also make us a little more possessive in our relationships. Make sure you are practicing self love during this time to keep from feeling insecurities in relationships. On a social level we might be seeking more social justice and wanting to see fairness and equality on a more global level. We will have a strong desire to help those we feel have been treated unfairly.

We are still dealing with 4 planets in retrograde this week. Pay attention to the areas in life where you feel restricted or blocked. This is showing you the areas that need change and a new perception. We have Uranus also very active over the next few weeks as it prepares to go into retrograde. Uranus is the planet of awakening as well as the God of Chaos. This is bringing big unexpected changes. These changes are meant to show us our blockages in very big ways. We can no longer avoid change and transformation in our lives. Be prepared to receive information and insights that disrupt the normal flow of things. This is showing us new opportunities and perceptions and helping us break free of restriction.

Overall this week is about gaining new fresh perspectives and connecting to others on a more passionate and emotional level. It's a week that promises the unexpected in the most exciting way. Enjoy the week all! Sending much love!


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