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Week In Astrology September 22-30

Welcome to Libra Season and Happy Birthday to all you Libras! Today the Sun joins Mercury in the balanced and fair sign of Libra. Libra rules relationships with others and gives us a stronger desire to work in harmony with those close to us. This is a good time to try to work through any relationship/partnership conflicts we are dealing with as we will be more apt to see both sides of the story and are more willing to compromise. You will feel more of a desire for peace and harmony and will want to make time to appreciate the beauty of life. This brings in a strong mirroring energy within our relationships. What this means is that those close to us and those we interact with on a consistent basis are reflecting to us our perceptions of ourselves, our desires, our fears, and our blockages. Try to see each situation/relationship as a reflection of you in some way. If there is something you don't like, ask yourself how this reflects who you are and how you feel and what you can do to bring changes within yourself. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, this might be a message that you are not giving yourself enough credit and need to be more willing to stand in your own power.

Libra is all about playing nice, but be mindful not to let this energy put you in a position where you are giving your power away or being too accommodating to those around you. This can also bring in a great deal of indecisiveness and uncertainty so give yourself a little more time and understanding in making any major decisions.

Today also represents the Autumnal Equinox. This is considered harvest time and a time to start seeing positive results to all you have been working towards. The goals you have been working towards since the beginning of spring and the intentions you have set are now coming to fruition. This is a time to take a moment and look at how far you have come within your personal journey. Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing our dreams and desires that we neglect to stop and see how far we truly have come. Take time to take stock in your accomplishments this year and give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved. This is a time for seeing these intentions and desires come to complete fruition!

The past few months we have had more than half the planets in retrograde...but this week we have a nice break as Jupiter is out of retrograde and now direct. This is bringing an energy of good luck and more optimism especially in the area of our career. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, freedom and wisdom. The retrograde had us searching for deeper truths and meanings especially within our own lives and our role in our own growth. Now we can begin to see what we have learned manifesting in our lives. We will feel more excitement on our own path forward and have the confidence to put in the work where it is needed. The retrograde made us feel restricted within our growth, but now we will begin to see just how much opportunity we have for further expansion.

We do still have 4 planets along with Chiron in retrograde this week. Remember, any area that you feel restricted in right now is an opportunity to turn inward and find new and creative ways to solve problems. 2020 has proved to be the astrological year of awakening. It is pushing us to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace our true selves and align us to a more fulfilling and passionate way of living. While all of these changes can be stressful and hectic, trust that the process is worth it.

Sending you all much love! Enjoy the Week!


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