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Week In Astrology September 7-13, 2020

Happy Monday All! I hope you are ready for an exciting week! As we get into the week, the Sun remains in the hard working sign of Virgo. We feel more of a need to pay attention to detail and have the energy to put in the work towards our goals. We are able to be much more practical and organized during this time and it is a great energy to bring in healthier and more productive routines into our day to day life. Be mindful that this can also bring an element of a need for perfection, so be careful not to get so caught up in the details that you risk being overly analytical.

Mercury entered Libra on Sept 5th and will remain until Sept 27th. Libra is the sign of fairness and balance and the ability to see both sides of a situation. This is giving more rational approach to our communication and relationships. We will feel more of a desire and pull to consider the perceptions and views others have and find it easier to come to more balanced agreements. We feel more of a desire to keep the peace as opposed to asserting ourselves. This can bring more difficulties when it comes to making decisions, especially major decisions, as we can get stuck in balancing out the pros and cons and worry more about how our decisions will affect others. This can bring a strong indecisive energy within us, so don't be too hard on yourself if you are feeling stuck during this time.

On Sept 6th Venus entered the romantic and exciting sign of Leo and will remain until October 2nd. Leo feels right at home in Venus as Leo is all about love and romance and expressions of our sensual side. This energy gives us a strong desire to connect in romantic relationships and puts our love life out it the forefront. You may feel more generous with your affection and admiration and even with your money during this time. This energy will also have a strong effect on our egos so keep this in mind during this time. Leo energy loves to be admired and adored and this can cause us to be more self centered and ego driven especially when it comes to relationships. This is a great energy for self love and pampering, so take time to give yourself the admiration you are craving from others.

On Sept 9th Mars in Aries goes if you are keeping score, that makes 6 planets in retrograde this week! Mars in Aries is all about action, confidence and assertive energy. When it is retrograde that energy is turned inwards, so this can bring in a great deal of tension and frustration as well as bottled up anger. Our normal actions will not bring in the same results right now and we will feel more restricted. We will feel strong impulses and desires but at the same time feel stuck in following these impulses. This (along with the other retrogrades) is forcing us to slow down and reevaluate. This year has been a year of big shifts and changes within our perceptions and desires and life in general. We have been in a constant state of shedding the old and evolving into new energies, view points and passions. As our mindset changes we must also change our actions and habits and day to day routines. This retrograde is pushing us to look at how we go about getting what we want in life. It is asking us to look before we leap and pause before taking action, especially impulsive actions. When we experience long periods of stress we tend to get into survival mode. Our actions are more based out of fear and a need to survive and just getting through the day as opposed to action towards things we feel passionately about. This retrograde will push you to look into the actions you take in order to get you out of fear or ego based action and more into action that brings long term fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.

All of the retrogrades are definitely adding a stronger feeling of being restricted right now. Understand that this is only to show us that we have to bring changes into our perceptions and day to day routines in order to bring in the fulfillment that we desire. Be patient with yourself and others right now. For those who meditate and or do Chakra work, this week is a great week to focus on Root Chakra and grounding work as our root chakra is where we feel stable and secure. Solar Plexus chakra will also be beneficial during this time as that is the center of our ego and where our source of inner power is.

Sending you all much love! Enjoy the week!


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