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Week In Astrology - Time To Acknowledge Your Soul

Welcome to the last week of March.....and the beginning of some pretty beautiful energy shifts! We are in the beginning of exciting Aries season, which fills us with a burst of energy and ignites our masculine energy (which represents our desires, passions, goals and our ability to get things done). This is such a great time to start putting in extra energy and effort into things that are important to you, as this is also the energy of new beginnings and new opportunities....making it easier to get things accomplished. Aries represents the energy of self...of who we are and our ego, meaning our desires and needs will be more strongly in our mental and emotional focus. It's always important to put our own needs first (we are no good to anyone else if we are not at our own personal best and taking care of us first)....but be mindful that this energy doesnt put you in too much of a self centered place that you are shutting yourself off from others. Give yourself a goal to work towards for the next few weeks, one that fills you with excitement and a sense of purpose, and this Aries energy will help you stay focused.

We are also in the beginning of the Pluto Aquarius transit (that will ultimately last for the next 20 years). Im sure you've heard that this transit will be pretty significant....and you can trust that it absolutely will be life changing. To put things in perspective.....Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. It represents deep transformation as Pluto is deeply connected to the energy of our soul....Changes initiated by Pluto are not just simple changes....they are changes that happen at a soul level, deep internal changes that create significant shifts in our life path and purpose. Pluto holds our deepest desires, but also our deepest fears and everything that we hold that prevents us from having what we desire....while also holding the ability to manifest and have absolutely everything we want because it represents our relationship to power. The energy of Pluto and where Pluto is stationed affects us at our core and also initiates massive collective shifts.

Aquarius represents the rebel, the one who thinks outside of the box....the one who lives and breathes for big changes (and so you can bet that it feels intrigued and ready to stir things up working with Pluto). Aquarian energy helps us to broaden our perspective and see beyond our individual limitations.

If you have been feeling that nothing changes or feeling stuck or this energy is about to completely change all of that. We have been sitting in a Pluto Capricorn transit since the year 2008.....Capricorn is the energy that resists change and represents restriction and rules. Meaning there has been a great deal of resistance to any real significant changes in our lives. You will definitely start to feel this shift in the energy. We are finally breaking out of the shackles of Capricorn energy and can start to experience real freedom and change.

This transit is helping you to fully shed the version of yourself that has been holding you back. Aquarius represents our authentic truth and Pluto helps us to bring everything that is hidden to life...Who you are at your core is what will shine and is meant to shine and you will find it will get easier and easier to embody and express your own personal truth without fear. This will also create beautiful changes in how the collective works together. We are leaving a period of strict rules and ego based mindspace, to a more humanitarian, expansive, and compassionate energy.

Be mindful that during this time, you may experience a lot of shadows and fears coming to the surface, especially in terms of how you relate to others and who you believe yourself to be at your core. Take time to address this energy and work through your fears, so they don't make your transformation more difficult.

Today also represents the beginning of Mars in Cancer (from now through May 20th). Mars represents our drive, passion and Aries/masculine energy. It is what motivates us to action. While Mars usually only remains in each sign for 2 months...our last transit of Mars in Gemini lasted from August of 2023 until yesterday. Things over the last 7 months may have felt very fast moving or scattered and you may have found that you changed your mind a good deal. With Mars in Cancer we are feeling more of a desire to slow down and put more focus into our home life and finding comfort before anything else. We will feel motivated to nurture and show care and take action towards things that we feel an emotional connection to. This energy has us feeling as if we are being led by our emotions rather than logic....just make sure you are not reacting out of a heightened emotional state. Also keep in mind that Mars in Cancer has a tendency to be passive aggressive. Work on being more direct with expressing yourself during this time to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunication.

I will be offering a Shadow Work reading this week for $25 dollars (this is a reading that will help you deal with any shadows, fears, insecurities or hidden blockages that may be preventing positive change.). Message for more details and to book yours! Also, check out the new readings offered in the site as well as the new Pricing Bundle Plans. Much love!

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