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How is everyone feeling in the midst of Pisces season.....knee deep in your feelings? Well...unfortunately, the first few days of this week are likely going to pull you a little deeper, so buckle up.

This week, all in the same day, we have a full moon in Virgo as well as Saturn shifting into Pisces....and that energy is going to have you re-examining and feeling every single emotion. Pisces is a deeply feeling and intuitive energy that loves to fantasize and daydream and visualize the impossible....but Virgo and Saturn represent opposite energies of practicality, attention to detail and getting back to reality. So energetically you are going to feel as if the anchor has suddenly dropped in the middle of your cruise to paradise. Try to find the balance in this energy this week...give yourself time to feel and daydream and have fun, but also focus on what is important in your reality and keep yourself grounded.

Let's start with the Saturn shift on March 7th. Saturn transits only once about every 2-3 years but the lessons are important for change and clearing any negative cycles or karma. Saturn places restriction on things we need to examine more or understand in more depth and asks us to take responsibility for our own role in our energy and karma. We are leaving Saturn in Aquarius and entering Saturn in Pisces. For the past 3 years, we have dealt with restrictions and difficulties within our connections to others and in our expression of our authenticity. We will start to feel relief and more activity in those areas of life this week. It will likely begin to feel as if it is easier to express yourself to others and you are gravitating towards more authentic connections. With Saturn entering Pisces, we will begin to shift our focus towards our beliefs and begin to question what is realistic and practical and true within our deep beliefs and perceptions. This energy will likely have us questioning where we are getting our information from, especially when it comes to spirituality and religious beliefs. Saturn in Pisces also asks us to examine our own tendencies to avoid or escape reality and will force us to face things that have been neglected in our reality as a result. This is a good time to work on any tendencies towards addictive behaviors and find healthier and more effective ways to deal with our mental health. Pisces energy feels everything at a deep level...EVERYTHING. Which is where the desire and tendency to escape comes try to feel something good or to avoid feeling things so intensely. Unfortunately, we can't really avoid feelings for long. Let go of judging your feelings, or fighting to change or adjust them when they come up. Instead let yourself feel them, write them down, embrace them. No one likes to be ignored...and that includes your feelings.

Now for the full moon. The Full Moon on the 7th is in the practical sign of Virgo and known as the Worm Moon. This is the last full moon before spring and is symbolic of the arrival of spring and the promise of new beginnings. This is a time to let go of the past and fully release anything that is no longer serving its purpose. Virgo is the sign of the healer, making this full moon the perfect time for giving closure to what needs closure. Closure brings healing. When we neglect tying up lose ends, leave things incomplete or unsaid or up in the air...we make moving forward impossible...because we have so much still tied to the past.

Virgo is also the sign of productivity and attention to detail, which is great for getting things done, but during a full moon with heightened emotions, can lead to being overly critical. While the details of things are important, don't get so sucked into every detail that you block any progress. This full moon will draw your attention to how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself and how well you take care of your emotional and physical needs. Healers have a tendency to take great care of everyone, but neglect loving and taking care of themselves. Pisces season encourages you to pursue your biggest dreams, and the Virgo Full Moon is asking you to love and care for yourself enough to have the energy and stamina and confidence to keep pursuing.

Full Moon Readings will be available this week for $30. Message for more details and to book yours! Much love and have a great week!

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