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What exactly is the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction??

On December 21,2020 we will experience a rare event called The Great Conjunction. This happens about once every 20 years and is when the planets Saturn and Jupiter come very close together in the sky and also in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Saturn and Jupiter are the largest planets in the solar system which makes the energy and impact of this that much more significant. Adding to the uniqueness of this event is the fact that this is occurring in an Air sign for the first time in over 200 years. For over 200 years these conjunctions have occurred in earth signs which represents the material world. With this transition being in the Air sign of Aquarius, this will be experienced more on an intellectual and collective level. The general meaning and energy that will be felt during this time is that of old, outworn issues and structures falling away and expansive, visionary energy replacing it.

To understand the full magnitude of this, we must understand the roles of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is the planet of rules, regulations, discipline, structure and tradition. Saturn represents Karma and restriction. The purpose of Saturn is to bring lessons and growth, but it does this by restricting us in some way in order to push us to take responsibility in our lives. Saturn's purpose is to help us clear away past karma and release old habits that do not serve us. The area of our lives that Saturn affects depends on what zodiac sign Saturn is transiting through at the time. Saturn transits last for 3 years and since December of 2017, it has been in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is very similar to Saturn and is also ruled by Saturn. Capricorn represents hard work, dedication and responsibility. So the effects of the Saturn transit over the past few years have been more restrictive than normal. This transit has pushed us to see where we need to take responsibility in our lives and where we need to put in more work and effort and also the areas we are wasting precious energy on. On December 17th Saturn left Capricorn and moves into the more expansive sign of Aquarius and so along with the energy of the conjunction on the 21st, we will feel the restrictive energy of the past 3 years being lifted as well.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings, expansion, abundance and growth. In essence, the opposite energy of Saturn. Saturn is more physical and focused on the material world, while Jupiter is more spiritual and intellectually focused. Jupiter brings expansion in the areas of life represented by the zodiac sign it is transiting through. Jupiter has also spent the past year in the sign of Capricorn and is transiting to the sign of Aquarius on the 19th. Jupiter Aquarius transits are noted for bringing in new technological advances as well as more collective and expansive enlightenment.

So what does this all bring to the conjunction on the 21st? We will experience the intensity of old ways, attachments and outworn structures falling away, met with powerful new energy for expansion and enlightenment. The energy is felt on an intense level because the planets are so close together. We will be hit with sudden new visions, ideas and energy for expansion along with the determination and discipline to make things happen and put in the necessary work. This is also occurring at 0 degrees in Aquarius which represents strong energy for new beginnings.

So what can you expect to experience? Understand that Saturn rewards effort, integrity and hard work. When Saturn leaves one sign and transits into another, it brings blessings in the areas it has restricted. If you have put in the effort towards healing, releasing old habits, making necessary changes in life, then Saturn promises to bring rewards and blessings over the next few weeks. You will begin to experience a sense of freedom and opportunities opening up in the areas that have been so seemingly blocked over the past few years. Combined with the blessings of Jupiter, you can expect opportunities and new ideas opening up everywhere. For those who have struggled with releasing old patterns, you will notice during this time that things will seem to be intense and more difficult. Things might to start suddenly feeling like they are falling apart around you. Please understand that this is showing you what is not working for you right now. Let the old fall away and open yourself up to new ideas and new paths. This energy is meant to put you on a path towards more fulfilment and happiness. The things that are falling away are the exact things that have kept you stuck in energies that have drained you.

Something to keep in mind also....While this is an energy that can very well bring miracles and sudden changes, dont get discouraged if you dont notice big changes on this particular day. Understand this energy will remain for quite some time. The strongest being on the 21st....but the intensity of this day could very well feel more frustrating than anything. Dont let that deter you or make you feel as if you have done something wrong. Alot of people tend to get excited on days like this (like the 11/11 or 12/12 portals) and then get frustrated when nothing miraculous happens that specific day. This is a time where the doors start opening. Keep an open mind for ideas and new beginnings to come from anywhere.

The zodiac signs that will feel this energy the strongest over the next couple of weeks are Aquarius rising and sun, Capricorn rising and sun, Pisces rising and sun along with Cancer rising and sun. Please take note of what is triggering you during this time. This is showing you areas that have been in some way blocking fulfillment. By simply taking initiative to switch up any outworn routines in these areas you will begin to feel more of a sense of freedom and relief during this time.

I hope you all enjoy the week and have a wonderful holiday season!

Much love all and blessings!


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