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Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Happy Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚

If there was ever a more ideal and important time to pay attention to and work with the astrological energy....It Is Now. The Aries New moon combined with a rare hybrid solar eclipse is activating a gateway into a new reality. It is literally opening up every door necessary for you to literally have everything you have wanted and been working towards. Eclipses add a super charged energy for manifesting and creating and helps to initiate and bring about powerful change. This eclipse is also sitting at 29 degrees which reflects strong karmic energy....Meaning the scales are being rebalanced and karma is being restored. The energy you put forth is coming back to you tenfold. If you've been in a period of struggle, this is the time things begin to shift completely in your favor. But you must push to use this energy to your advantage. Aries is the energy of strength, passion, determination and encourages us to take charge of our lives with confidence. This is time to set intentions to pursue the things you feel strongly and passionately about and a time to embrace confidence and your inner strength. Be mindful with this energy because it is also the energy of aggression and ego...Be aware of your energy when you are taking any action and do not take action out of anger or ego (remember, this is a karmic period and there are strong repercussions to your actions). Keep your values and integrity in mind and find the purpose in your path. With this being strong Aries energy, it's important to be mindful of your boundaries...Protect your energy, stand up for yourself without putting up so many walls that nothing can break through. I will be offering Eclipse/New moon readings this week for $35. Message for more details and to book. Much love ❤️

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