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Scorpio Solar Eclipse/New Moon 🌙

All right.....are yall ready for some more chaotic fun??? 🤪 The end of October promises to be spooky, intense but also bringing much needed changes. Anything that has been stuck, toxic or stagnant in your life will be shaken up. On October 25th we have a solar eclipse and new moon in scorpio at the start of my favorite Scorpio season 🦂 Scorpio energy is all about intensity, passion, depth and everything that is hidden in the dark. Scorpio energy asks us to acknowledge our own shadows as well as our deepest desires. New moon are times of setting intentions and this new moon is for setting intentions for the things you feel most passionate about. The Solar eclipse will magnify this energy immensely and anything you put your intentions towards will manifest quickly. The Solar eclipse is going to help highlight anything restricting you and this eclipse is going to bring to light your own shadow. Anything we have a burning desire for is also going to be where we hold our deepest fears and by bringing light to our fears will help us break free from them once and for all. New Moon/Eclipse readings will be available this week for $35. Message to book! Much love ❤️

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