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This Week With The Planets 2/10-2/17

Welcome to the final week of Aquarius season and the approaching of the ever exciting/ever stressful Valentine's Day! Luckily, the planets are all direct, there is no underlying stressful astrological influence, and overall a pretty chill week energetically.

Mercury joins the sun this week in the innovative sign of Aquarius. This will add to our hunger for knowledge and fill us with a desire to do things differently, expand our social network and express our individuality. Mercury rules our communication and thought process, and when in the sign of Aquarius we become blessed with the ability to think outside of the box. You will find that this is a great time to find new solutions to problems you've been struggling with, as this energy helps to bring in new perspectives. The past month, Mercury has been in the very serious and restricted sign of Capricorn, so this transit will bring in more fun and freedom to your communication and mental space.

To add to the mindspace energy of Aquarius, We also have Mars in the sign of Gemini. Mars is the planet of movement, passion and masculine energy, but in the sign of Gemini, tends to feel more scattered and less responsible with our focus and attention. Gemini is on a constant quest for knowledge, communication and information but has a tendency to skim the surface and flitter from idea to idea and when in the planet that motivates us, we might find we are changing our paths and plans pretty often over the next couple of weeks. With all this air energy, it is important this week to try to stay grounded and take time to slow down a little to make sure you aren't skipping over important details or steps. lets talk about all this mushy, gushy love stuff...

Venus is currently in the dreamy, romantic sign of Pisces, which seems fitting for the feeling of Romance in the air. This energy will get us all in our feels and bring more of a desire to connect to love and compassion...It makes us more willing to sacrifice and trust for the possibility of love and romance. Pisces is extremely intuitive and spiritual and helps us really tap into everything that is going on under the surface. It helps us be more compassionate, loving and forgiving but can also make us color blind to those big red flags. Be mindful that you are not seeing things through rose colored glasses or trying so hard to see the best in someone that you are ignoring their random collection of oddly shaped toenails.

Valentines day and the day following, we will experience an extremely magical Venus/Neptune conjunction in the sign of Pisces. This is an extremely romantic transit and one that will help us see and understand divine love. This is going to help to bring relationships together in a more loving and compassionate way and will help to bring any healing or forgiveness that may be needed. Your feelings are everything this week as they are helping to guide you to the love you are seeking not only with others, but within yourself. Take extra time this week to work on your heart, 3rd eye and crown chakras, as having these active and balanced will help you feel your way through this energy as intended. Write down your feelings, listen to music, draw, paint, pay attention to your dreams....And enjoy the week! Much love!

Dont forget, I do have Valentines Specials for twinflame, soulmate and love readings this week! Message for more details!

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