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Venus Leo Retrograde -- What does your heart really want?

Are you ready for some shake ups in your love life? Beginning on July 22, 2023, Venus turns retrograde in the sign of Leo until September 3, 2023. This time period is asking you to reflect on how you are showing up in your relationships and how you are expressing yourself and what is in your heart.

Retrogrades are periods where things seem to slow down or even go backwards, but this is because it is meant to get us to slow down and reflect on the role we are playing in our lives. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, what we value and what we find pleasure in and Venus retrograde asks you to take a moment to look at how your relationships and relationship to pleasure and enjoyment are. What holds value to you in your relationships and are those values present in your life now?

Leo represents the fire within our hearts. Leo energy wants us to fearlessly wear our hearts on our sleeves and pursue and express what we love with a passion. The down side to Leo energy is that, being ruled by the Sun, it is very easily affected and motivated by ego instead of what is genuinely in our heart centers. Leo energy wants to be seen and acknowledged and loved....but with that we must be mindful that we are not seeking attention just for the sake of an ego boost.

Venus Leo Retrograde is asking us to take time to look at how we are showing up in our relationships and how we are expressing who we are and what our feelings are. Are you able to feel that you can easily express what you feel or do you feel you have to hold back? Do you feel seen and recognized in your relationships, or do you always feel you are sitting in the background? Are you truly acknowledging what your heart wants or is your ego trying to convince you of something different? What do you truly want and need in love? What does your soul need?

Take time to examine all the love stories you have within your mental space.....Are the stories and perceptions you have of love more tragic and despondent or are they of hope and excitement. Remember, those stories we continue to tell ourselves are the stories that will continue to manifest....If you dont like the story, write something different.

This retrograde is also asking you to examine your relationship to money. How we perceive and feel about money and enjoyment within our lives is just as influential in the abundance we are manifesting as the work to earn the money itself. If you view money as a form or protection, safety and a necessity, understand that is coming from a more lack based mindset and will create more money blockages. Seeing money as something that is enjoyable and fun and easily available helps you open to more abundance. Remember...Everything is energy and that includes money. Remind yourself you are a money magnet and remember to enjoy the money that you do have ;)

Keep in mind that Leo energy tends to bring alot of drama and competitive energy. Make sure you are keeping your ego in check and acknowledging what it is that your soul is asking for. Take time to work on Solar Plexus and Heart Charkas the next 6 weeks and take extra time for self care and journaling.

Remember....any issues that come up during this time are showing you what needs to be readdressed and looked at from a different perspective in order to avoid having the issue repeat itself.

Venus Retrograde readings will be available this month for $35 (message for more details and to book yours). Also for the month of July and August, all love relationship readings will be $10 off (mention the discount at your next booking).

Much love

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